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Associated With

Dinesh Metal Industries


Giving back to society has always been one of our core values in the company. Apart from trading activities, we are striving to improve conditions around us, providing financial and moral support during natural calamities, education, poorer people, sports, and cultural activities. We try and cover all these sectors with whatever we can contribute. For this purpose we are registered as “Dinesh Foundation” under which the social welfare activities will be carried out. Some of the contributions we have already made are ‘Akshaya Kosh’ in Kailali Multiple Campus for BBM program, National football team, Earthquake victims in Kathmandu, Flood victims in Darchula & Tikapur, ‘Aama ko Maya’ orphans at Dhangadhi.

Our leader, Mr. Shyam Hamal has also introduced an annual blood donation program in order to help the ones most in need. Our young and athletic workforce are always willing to donate for the cause, and we have been giving more than 100 pints on average each year and aim to carry on this process for years to come. Furthermore, religion plays an important role in the lives of each individual of society. We have taken the initiative to clean, paint and renovate a few temples. Appreciation from these holy places has come in the form of a note of appreciation at the entrances of each of these temples.

Another notable event was the donation of NRP. 100,000.00 from our Chief Executive to our district football team who lifted the national trophy. As stated earlier, we have been working with our society for 3 decades, and this has formed a strong foundation on which Dinesh Group stands firmly rooted to the grounds.

The source of fund for Dinesh Foundation comes from certain percentage of total secondary sales from each units of Dinesh Group.

Dinesh Samsung

The house is the mother unit of the group and has been carrying on its business since the 1980s. Steel and wooden furniture items are manufactured here. The manufactured goods are also supplied to the Group’s branches at Nepalgunj and Mahendra Nagar. Besides manufacturing high-quality powder-coated steel and wooden furniture, the house also offers various multinational companies’ home appliances and consumer brand products. The office is situated at a prime location in Dhangadhi and has also got a three-floor showroom where all products are put in display for our customers. This showroom was created to provide customers a varying choice of items, where they can physically feel and examine our items. Our businesses focuses on providing prompt services to customers and have thus introduced our own van-delivery system to the customer’s location. After sales-service  for most of our products has also been a key player in our system which helps us retain our customers. This combination of factors has led our business to become a market leader in our region. We also have an exclusive Samsung Plaza unit which is under Dinesh Trading House Pvt. Limited at Dhangadhi. Prior to this name, the firm was working under the name of “Dinesh Metal Industries”. The Dinesh Trading House Pvt. Limited comprises of 3 branches that operate in Nepalgunj, Mahendranagar & Dhangadhi.


Deals in: Trading of MNC’s Products, Samsung & Himstar Home Appliances, Timex wrist watches, Nokia & Samsung mobiles, Beko – AC, Bajaj electrical appliances ,Dolphin Brand products, Yeti Carpets, Imported furniture etc.

Location: Dhangadhi-4, Main Market,Kailali.

Contact No.: 00977-91-521292


Dhangadhi Branch

This unit is one of the highly reputed whole-seller and retailer of computer items in Kailali and has its exclusive showroom in Dhangadhi. Various kinds of computers, laptops, branded and assembled sets along with other computer accessories are sold in whole-sale and retail prices. Prior to this, it was working under the name of “Dinesh Computers”.


Deals in :  Branded and non – branded computers and peripherals. Acer, Dell, HP, Compaq, Lenovo, Samsung , Epson, Biostar etc.

Location : Dhangadhi, Main Road, Kailali.

Contact No  : 00977-91-523652

Nepalgunj Branch

In Nepalgunj, the heart of the city- Dhamboji, where lies the center and perhaps the most important traffic junction of the town, referred to as Dhamboji chowk, is the main business hub with several banks, book shops, lodges, motor-parts and hardware dealers, and other general home appliance distributors. There are a lot of other areas in Nepalgunj that are developing rapidly and attracting new residents and industries. The city is developing fast due to relocation of mid-hill migrants.

Deals in all the items mentioned above which includes MNC’s products and self manufactured furniture, computer items, etc. This branch has been operating in Nepalgunj for more than 10 years. We believe that the Nepalgunj market is big and full of potential for our self manufactured furniture and other products. We also supply goods to native markets such as Jumla, Surkhet, Dailekh from the Nepalgunj Branch.

As Nepal and India share an open border, free trade between the two nations had offered an opportunity and we believe we grasped it. A portion of our workforce is from India or Indian origins and forms an integral part of our company. Nepalgunj shares the border with India and is a high international trade/industrial area. Our unit in Nepalgunj is equipped with a highly productive staff from our workforce. We continue to expand into the city and hope to grasp all areas around this pivotal location. Furthermore, it is in the mid-west region of Nepal and thus, is a strategic location to expand into the nation eastwards. These are working in favor of our corporate aims to further expand into the country.


Deals in : Self manufactured steel and wooden furniture, Samsung & Himstar home Appliances, Samsung mobile and all above mentioned items.

Location : Dhamboji Chowk, Nepalgunj.

Contact No. : 00977-81-527092


Mahendranagar Branch

Mahendranagar, is a city and municipality in far western Nepal, six kilometres from the border of India and the Mahakali River. It is the headquarters of the district of Kanchanpur in Mahakali Zone. It is a hub of activity for industries & business running between India and Nepal.

DTHPL, Mahendranagar branch deals in all kinds of goods which its Head office deals in Dhangadhi & sole distributor of CG home appliances for this region. The self manufactured furniture is supplied from Head office and others directly from the suppliers. The branch acts independently.


Deals in : All kinds of house hold appliances, self manufactured steel and wooden furniture, CG Home Appliances, Computers.

Location : Main Market , Mahendra Nagar, Kanchanpur.

Contact No. :  00977-99-522600


This unit is widely considered the most prestigious unit under Dinesh Group and has been carrying out its activities for 4 years. We have an exclusive car showroom at Main raod, Dhangadhi Chauraha and it is the first of its own kind in far western Nepal. This is the only state of art showroom having 3s facilities in Dhangadhi. We deal in Hyundai Brand vehicles from cheapest Eon to dearest one Santa-Fe model. We provide back up to our customers from the fully equipped service centre with our highly trained mechanics. We have maintained a wide range of spare parts at our spares division, and availability of these parts assists in fixing vehicles quicker than our competitors. We care about what customers expect from us and have therefore recruited highly-knowledgeable staff for this unit. Our sales target for 2016 is to sell more than 100 units.



Deals in :  Hyundai Brand Vehicles and spares

Location : Dhangadhi Chauraha, Kailali.

Contact No : 00977-91-524492


Dhangadhi Branch

We have been the sole dealer for Bajaj Motorcycles and Spares in Kailali District for more than eight years and have a wider market to cover including the hill region market. We are achieving the targets set by HH Bajaj every year and our work has been recognized and appreciated from our supplier. The special features of Dinesh Automotives are prompt service, having exclusive showroom of its own kind, disciplined and customer caring staff members and a well developed office automation system which allows us to have the maximum capacity utilization, thus leaving others behind.

We have also built an exclusive Bajaj service centre which meets the specifications of IB Bajaj. Under Dinesh Automotives there are 2 branches with 3s facilities in Attariya & Dadeldhura. Besides of New Bajaj Bike we are also running pre-owned bike exchange programs under the same business.



Deals in :Bajaj Brand Motorcycles and Spares

Performance  :   Highly appreciated by the supplier and working with high

Demand from the customers.

Showroom :  Having its exclusive showroom at Dhangadhi -4, Main

Road, Kailali and extension of the showroom might take place in future.

 Contact No. :  00977-91-520892


Atariya Branch

Attariya is located at a strategic point in west Nepal and is an emerging market according to our analysis. This area is connected to the Mahendra Highway (East-west) and Bhimdatta highway (Dadeldhura to Attariya) which meet at the Attariya, thus making it a transport hub in the region. Growth is essential for the long-term survival of any business. Bearing this view in mind, a branch office has been established at Attariya Chowk to access a wider market that also includes the hilly region market. We are the sole dealer for Bajaj Motorcycles and Spares in this area. Our work at this Attariya branch was encouraged and appreciated by our suppliers in a short time-span. The features of this branch are timely services, having a showroom of its own kind and a disciplined and customer-oriented staff. The showroom provides 3s facilities in Attariya.



Deals in :  Bajaj Brand Motorcycles and Spares

Performance :   Highly appreciated by the supplier and working with high

Demand from the customers.

Showroom  :  Having its own showroom at Attariya, Dhangadhi road

Contact No.  : 00977-91-551302



Dinesh Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.